2. hatch_closet = "The hatch seems big enough for you to fit through, it is made of wood and has the classic wood design, split into quarters and serarated by wood on the center horizontal and vertical line."
  3. shelf_closet = "The shelf is made from a brushed, silver metal - most likely aluminium. The bottom part of the shelf consists of a block of the metal and a small 2 cm hole in the middle. You do not see anything through the hole."
  4. look_start = "You find yourself in a dark, square room. You see a door and a small button by the side of the door. There is also a window, which is too far for you to see through it."
  5. look_window = "Through the window you can see a Mars-like terrain; red ground and sandstone type rocks. In the distance you can see a small hut with a helicopter landing pad on the roof of it."
  6. look_closet = "You find yourself in a small room that is brightly illuminated. There is a small shelf in front of you. Next to the shelf is a red lever. To the left of you is a hatch on the floor. There is a small clock on the wall to the right of you. The clock says it is 12:00."
  7. look_shaft = "You find yourself in a large room with some steps down to a blue painted wood and metal door with no windows."
  8. look_shaft_door = ""
  9. button_start = "There is a small plastic black button on a metal surface. The button is close to the door so most likely affects it."
  10. lever_closet = "The lever is made of a black plastic with a small red bobble on the top of it."
  11. clock_closet = "The clock is made of mostly wood, but has metal hands. The background picture of the clock is lime green."