2. # Set CLOCK to "UTC" if your Hardware Clock is set to UTC (also known as
  3. # Greenwich Mean Time). If that clock is set to the local time, then
  4. # set CLOCK to "local". Note that if you dual boot with Windows, then
  5. # you should set it to "local".
  6. clock="local"
  7. # If you want the hwclock script to set the system time (software clock)
  8. # to match the current hardware clock during bootup, leave this
  9. # commented out.
  10. # However, you can set this to "NO" if you are running a modern kernel
  11. # and using NTP to synchronize your system clock.
  12. #clock_hctosys="YES"
  13. # If you do not want to set the hardware clock to the current system
  14. # time (software clock) during shutdown, set this to no.
  15. clock_systohc="YES"
  16. # If you wish to pass any other arguments to hwclock during bootup,
  17. # you may do so here. Alpha users may wish to use --arc or --srm here.
  18. clock_args=""