2. 11:06:27 < Alexer> 04:46:58 < Spazy> Alexer: You around today?
  3. 11:07:28 < Alexer> Spazy, yeah, but this time, not at that time :P
  4. 11:09:28 < Alexer> Spazy, (I eventually went to sleep last time, since it was already something like 6AM :P)
  5. 11:14:12 < Alexer> Spazy, but just to wrap that one up: as the prints eventually revealed, not all the items were lists; some were dicts - so the while used explicit indexing for the "list", which caused a KeyError, since the dictionary didn't have a key=0, but you did catch KeyErrors (it just came from a place you wouldn't have expected). the for loop, on the other hand - when given a dict - iterates over the keys, so it's
  6. 11:14:12 < Alexer> trying to index a string ('address') with another string ('dhcp'), which obviously causes a TypeError.
  7. 11:15:20 < Alexer> Spazy, so yeah, it was an impossible situation assuming all the items were lists, but since some of them were dicts, it's understandable in retrospect